Digitalisation is changing our factories. It is a huge topic concerned with “networks of manufacturing resources (manufacturing machinery, robots, conveyor and warehousing systems and production facilities) that are autonomous, capable of controlling themselves in response to different situations, self-configuring, knowledge-based, sensor-equipped and spatially dispersed and that also incorporate the relevant planning and management systems” (German Industrie 4.0 Working Group).

Digitalisation is all too often discussed superficially in rather basic English. However, the success of international conferences, workshops and plant tours depends on the level and quality of communication. Success depends on specialised technical vocabulary. The interpreters at labigne dolmetscherdienste GmbH guarantee a clear, accurate and profitable exchange on the topic “Industry 4.0”, in Chinese, English, German or any other language.

We do not just have a command of several languages but are also experts on various topics who are constantly developing and updating our technical expertise. This enables us to give “Industry 4.0” a concrete form which in turn helps you to implement this digitalisation in your company in a targeted manner.