Our Services

Conference interpreters in all languages

  • experienced conference interpreters
  • with specialist expertise
  • international team
  • in Germany and all over the world

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

  • Congress interpreting
  • Conference interpreting
  • Negotiation interpreting
  • Board meetings
  • Business talks
  • Visits to business premises with portable equipment

Wireless communication technology

  • Infrared interpretation equipment
  • Portable equipment
  • Technology with booths for meetings and conferences
  • Audiovisual media

Services for the client

  • Optimisation through teamwork and technology
  • Consultation and project management
  • Binding cost estimate

Why choose labigne dolmetscherdienste?

labigne dolmetscherdienste GmbH engages conference interpreters on your behalf and guarantees excellent services.

Thanks to our long-standing membership in the Association of Conference Interpreters and 25 years’ experience with very diverse teams in Germany and abroad, we have at our disposal a hand-picked pool of highly qualified colleagues. With this strong and capable network we can also put together the ideal team for specialised fields.

labigne dolmetscherdienste GmbH has well established management processes and an efficient e-mail system so that we can usually submit an offer on day of your inquiry. Our interpreters are on call for us and we award contracts only when we have your confirmation. You can then leave us to deal with the rest.

This includes collecting preparatory material, forwarding it to the team and providing terminology lists. When the contract had been completed we will send you a single invoice as a PDF file. The interpreters are paid 4 weeks later.

Summary: In just three or four mails you can organise the interpreting services for your conference:

  • Inquiry
  • Offer
  • Confirmation
  • Provision of materials
  • Invoice

labigne dolmetscherdienste GmbH guarantees the best team exactly where you need it as well as an efficient, economical, targeted and effective service.

in a lean organization, people have room to move without colliding with one another and can do their work without having to explain it all the time- Peter F Drucker