Managers in the business and political world like to talk about the significance of intercultural communication. But for just as many, this is where they stumble. Our customers organise events ranging from delegation visits to Africa through to German-Chinese trade talks, and they do it successfully. How?

By using the services of conference interpreters who are constantly updating their knowledge of the context, including cultural, political and economic developments. This does not mean they are merely “locals”, we supply experts in exactly the right field. For our customers.

Even in highly technical talks, professional interpreters always keep an eye on the fine, cultural differences: in appearance, accentuation and above all in the correct evaluation of the utterances. This keeps everyone in a good mood and if it’s easier to work properly if you’re in a good mood, no matter whether you’re in China, Russia or the southern states of the USA. At board level, on a touring coach or in the production hall.